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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

From gentle contact, by listening, to provide space for health.

I accompany you to unlock 
the regeneration potential  
of your body

When can BCST accompany me

The paths that lead to a BCST session are diverse, unique, like each person and moment of life.

  • A moment of vital, emotional change.
  • A familiar, new or recurring physical pain.
  • A difficult, painful, confusing emotional state.
  • The urge to explore stillness, rest and/or vital movement.

From here, and with what you bring with you, we explore carefully, listening, with a soft touch and welcoming what is emerging.

Always from health, towards health.

At any age, from babies to seniors.

In any case, BCST:

  • is a gentle and safe resource that can accompany you during pregnancy and postpartum, also after an operation, an accident or with conditions of physical and emotional fragility.
  • is a space to address headaches, sleeping difficulties, anxiety.
  • accompanies processes for more specific disorders (tinnitus, vertigo …) in the healthy functioning of our body.
  • provides the possibility of a regeneration process in any situation with physical and / or emotional discomfort and pain.

How BCST works

The therapy is based on the body’s ability to regenerate, heal and balance itself.

It is based on the existence of a series of rhythmic movements that emerge from the tissues and fluids of the central core of our body.

The power and quality with which these rhythmic movements emerge and are transmitted throughout the body determines its state of health and vitality.

The skull and the sacrum are the two poles of the central nervous system, which include the brain and its surrounding structures. From here the craniosacral concept arises.

Health at the center

The therapy is based on health, in the constant movement present in all tissues and the nervous system. These are the movements of the body necessary for a balanced and healthy functioning.

 Craniosacral biodynamics is a holistic therapy that embraces  the whole of who we are now, the body as the home of the physical and emotional. processes we have lived. 

The sessions facilitate stillness and accompany the movements for the regeneration of the body, as a whole, and towards health.

The therapy is based
on the body’s ability to regenerate, 
heal and balance itself

I am Laura and I move between the word and the body.

Here I accompany people with Craniosacral Biodynamic Therapy (BCST) with an open view from professional and life trajectory.

I am a member of the Spanish Association of Craniosacral Biodynamic Therapy

You can know a little more about me and what I do with people, groups, organizations, words, images here lauragarciajordan.com

What is a session like

  • We begin by giving word to what has brought you to the session and with a short orientation to accompany your arrival and settlement.

  • You then stretch out on the table, clothed, usually on your back, finding a comfortable position.

  • Sitting in a chair or standing I establish a soft, light and gentle contact in some part of your body, which can change, from the skull to the feet. Contact is negotiated, which means you have the option to speak about any discomfort. I maintain a receptive attention to accompany the process with the intention that a safe relational field is created to facilitate the deployment of the regeneration potential of your body.

  • The contact is always soft, gentle, without manipulation, paying attention to what is emerging without imposing or forcing anything on your body, which must find time and space, at its own pace. It is the system itself that guides the healing process.

  • Once I withdraw the manual contact, I accompany you, I guide you to integrate the process, also with the possibility of talking about what you have experienced and what is emerging. The intention is to accompany you to clarify the process and pay attention to the resources that facilitate integration.

  • As the therapeutic process develops, it is possible that you will find moments of deep rest, that your capacity for resilience increases and that your system finds more of its own resources towards health.

The option of a remote session

You have the option to do a remote session. From biodynamics, creating a safe relational field, accompanying and guiding the process. Contact me if you want more details and I’ll explain and find the way, resources and time.

The origins of CSBT. Sutherland's footprint

American osteopath Dr. William G. Sutherland (1873-1954) is the forerunner of Craniosacral Biodynamic Therapy.

Dr. Sutherland dedicated his life to practicing listening to the body structure of his clients with his hands. He delved into the idea that the skull bones could move between themselves and from there he dedicated more than 20 years to studying the mobility of the skull.

With his work he was able to verify that the body functions as an integrated biological unit and that it has the capacity to heal and regulate itself. Thus, a new treatment system was established without manipulation or invasion. A system based on the movement of the body itself and its ability to heal and regenerate from a life intelligence that is the guide of the process of regeneration and healt

If you would like a session

For a face-to-face session, you can find me at Bellcaire d’Empordà (Baix Empordà / GIRONA)

You can contact me at
+34 609 766 065 

We can do a remote session (we find the way that is most comfortable with the support of the phone, the videoconference ….)

Contact me here and we’ll find it
+34 609 766 065

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