letter and body

[write, listen, invent, dance, project and create to make visible the invisible]

I look and write in motion

Volver a casa

Hay un día que empieza con mar y acaba con viento en el aire, la hierba, el cuerpo.Ese día vuelvo a casa con luz que no me dejar ver. Intento encontrar la rendija para llegar.  El lugar que habito hoy va siendo así.  

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professionally I go around here

I explore and conceive ideas for caring for the story and visibility of projects and organizations from clarity and consistency

narrative | life stories | base speach

I accompany people and groups
from movement, stillness, care and listening to give space to health

biodanza | craniosacral biodynamics

I write life in lyrics here and there
[catalan | spanish ]

(*camps obligatoris)

[swim, love, learn and live, always]